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Elevate your child’s GCSE results with our effective online coaching program in Bradford!

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Who Uses Performance Learning

Elevate GCSE Performance: With an unparalleled eight-year track record of improving GCSE results, Performance Learning is your child’s pathway to academic excellence this year.

I will directly mentor your child to instill seven essential skills over five 2-hour sessions that have consistently transformed the GCSE results of students for 8 years. Previously only available to schools, I am now making it available to you within the comfort of your own home.

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“I don’t think there is anything equal to this, nothing else is based on these techniques.”



“Tej is hugely engaging, he puts things into an easy-to-understand context.”



“My daughter was becoming a bit anxious about her exams, Tej was able to draw her back in.”



“Tej is very good at getting on the right level with the children.”



“Performance Learning helps me as a parent to support my child, it looks at every child as an individual.”



“I would definitely recommend Performance Learning to other parents.”



Start improving my child's grades

Frequently Asked Questions

Our focus isn’t on subject-specific tutoring; instead, we instruct your child in mastering learning techniques, bestowing skills for their entire academic journey. We adopt a thorough and individualized strategy, adapting lessons to fit your child’s specific learning requirements. Diverging from conventional tutoring, our program targets enhancing not just subject comprehension but also essential exam skills, time management prowess, and overall academic progression.

Ideally, it’s beneficial to start preparing for GCSE early. However, our program is designed to accommodate various timelines. The sooner your child starts, the more time there is to cultivate effective study habits and build confidence.

Certainly, coaching is an effective strategy that ensures organized help, tailored guidance, and dedicated care. Our program is meticulously crafted to detect and respond to your child’s distinct learning needs, thereby enhancing their confidence and equipping them with important skills that go beyond just succeeding in exams.

Performance Learning stands out with a 10-year history of consistently boosting exam performance, ensuring academic excellence. Our approach isn’t about subject-specific tutoring; it’s about instructing your child in the art of learning, offering skills beneficial for their entire educational journey.

Indeed, the whole coaching program is available online, offering your child the freedom to engage in lessons whenever and wherever, promoting both ease of access and a favorable learning atmosphere.

Your child will be directly mentored by Tej, the creator of Performance Learning, with a demonstrated expertise to connect with and discern each student’s needs. Tej has effectively coached students for 8 years, revolutionizing GCSE results.

Our program stands out for its economic efficiency and its ability to deliver more substantial results compared to standard tutoring methods.

Simply click on the “Start improving my child’s grades” button on this page, this will begin your journey, and we will guide you through the next steps, ensuring a seamless and personalized experience for your child’s success.