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Skyrocket your child’s GCSE results with our effective online coaching program in Chelmsford!

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Who Uses Performance Learning

Revolutionise GCSE Performance: Boasting an unmatched 8-year history of boosting GCSE scores, Performance Learning stands as the definitive gateway to your child’s academic success this year.

Your child will benefit from my individual mentorship, providing seven crucial skills across five 2-hour sessions, a tested approach that has significantly altered GCSE outcomes for 8 years. Initially offered only in schools, this impactful coaching is now accessible in the comfort of your home.

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“I don’t think there is anything equal to this, nothing else is based on these techniques.”



“Tej is hugely engaging, he puts things into an easy-to-understand context.”



“My daughter was becoming a bit anxious about her exams, Tej was able to draw her back in.”



“Tej is very good at getting on the right level with the children.”



“Performance Learning helps me as a parent to support my child, it looks at every child as an individual.”



“I would definitely recommend Performance Learning to other parents.”



Start improving my child's grades

Frequently Asked Questions

We do not provide subject-specific tutoring, we teach your child How To Learn, providing them with skills they can use throughout their entire academic life. We provide a holistic and personalized approach, customizing lessons to your child’s unique learning needs. Unlike traditional tutoring, our program focuses not only on subject knowledge but also on essential exam skills, time management, and overall academic growth.

Starting GCSE preparation early is recommended, but our program is flexible enough to suit different schedules. Early enrollment allows more time to develop effective study habits and strengthen confidence.

Indeed, coaching represents a significant method, providing organized assistance, customized guidance, and individual focus. Our program aims to pinpoint and cater to your child’s unique learning requirements, fostering confidence and imparting crucial skills that transcend mere exam performance.

Boasting a decade of unparalleled success in enhancing exam scores, Performance Learning has been a beacon of academic achievement. Instead of subject-specific tutoring, we focus on teaching your child How To Learn, equipping them with lifelong academic skills.

Absolutely, our coaching sessions are exclusively online, providing your child the flexibility to participate in their learning at any location and time, offering unmatched flexibility and a learning setting that is most comfortable for them.

Tej, the mastermind behind Performance Learning, will provide personal coaching to your child, utilizing his recognized skill in engaging with and comprehending the unique needs of each student. With 8 years of successful coaching, Tej has a track record of significantly enhancing GCSE results.

Not only are we more cost-effective, but our approach also ensures a more significant effect than standard educational approaches.

Simply click on the “Start improving my child’s grades” button on this page, this will begin your journey, and we will guide you through the next steps, ensuring a smooth and tailored experience for your child’s success.