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Skyrocket your child’s GCSE results with our effective online coaching program in Nottingham!

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Who Uses Performance Learning

Revolutionise GCSE Performance: Leveraging 8 years of proven GCSE result improvement, Performance Learning offers your child a proven path to educational success this year.

Your child will benefit from my personal coaching, providing seven crucial skills across five 2-hour sessions, a tested approach that has significantly altered GCSE outcomes for 8 years. Initially offered only in schools, this transformative coaching is now available in the comfort of your home.

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“I don’t think there is anything equal to this, nothing else is based on these techniques.”



“Tej is hugely engaging, he puts things into an easy-to-understand context.”



“My daughter was becoming a bit anxious about her exams, Tej was able to draw her back in.”



“Tej is very good at getting on the right level with the children.”



“Performance Learning helps me as a parent to support my child, it looks at every child as an individual.”



“I would definitely recommend Performance Learning to other parents.”



Start improving my child's grades

Frequently Asked Questions

Our focus isn’t on subject-specific tutoring; instead, we instruct your child in mastering learning techniques, bestowing skills for their entire academic journey. We adopt a comprehensive and individualized strategy, shaping lessons to fit your child’s specific learning requirements. Diverging from conventional tutoring, our program targets enhancing not just subject comprehension but also indispensable exam skills, time management prowess, and overall academic progression.

Ideally, it’s beneficial to start preparing for GCSE early. However, our program is designed to accommodate various timelines. The sooner your child starts, the more time there is to instil effective study habits and build confidence.

Indeed, coaching represents a beneficial method, providing structured support, customized guidance, and personalized attention. Our program aims to pinpoint and cater to your child’s unique learning requirements, fostering confidence and imparting vital skills that transcend mere exam performance.

With an unmatched 10-year track record of improving exam results, Performance Learning has consistently delivered academic success. We do not provide subject-specific tutoring, we teach your child How To Learn, providing them with skills they can use throughout their entire academic life.

Yes, our coaching program is conducted entirely online, allowing your child to access lessons from anywhere at any time. This flexibility guarantees ease and a comfortable learning environment.

Tej, the mastermind behind Performance Learning, will provide personal coaching to your child, utilizing his recognized skill in connecting with and comprehending the distinct needs of each student. With 8 years of fruitful coaching, Tej has a history of significantly enhancing GCSE results.

We are less expensive and will provide greater results than conventional teaching methods.

By pressing the “Start improving my child’s grades” button on this page, you’ll commence the process, and our team will lead you through each following phase, ensuring that your child’s path to success is well-coordinated and personalized.