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Elevate your child’s GCSE results with our proven online coaching program in Plymouth!

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Who Uses Performance Learning

Revolutionise GCSE Performance: With an unparalleled 8-year track record of enhancing GCSE results, Performance Learning is your child’s pathway to academic triumph this year.

Your child will benefit from my personal coaching, delivering seven important skills across five 2-hour sessions, a tested approach that has significantly altered GCSE outcomes for 8 years. Initially offered only in schools, this impactful coaching is now available in the privacy and comfort of your home.

Start improving my child's grades


“I don’t think there is anything equal to this, nothing else is based on these techniques.”



“Tej is hugely engaging, he puts things into an easy-to-understand context.”



“My daughter was becoming a bit anxious about her exams, Tej was able to draw her back in.”



“Tej is very good at getting on the right level with the children.”



“Performance Learning helps me as a parent to support my child, it looks at every child as an individual.”



“I would definitely recommend Performance Learning to other parents.”



Start improving my child's grades

Frequently Asked Questions

Rather than offering subject-specific tutoring, our approach is to empower your child in effective learning strategies, equipping them with lifelong academic skills. Our comprehensive and personalized method entails customizing lessons to meet your child’s distinct learning needs. Our program transcends traditional tutoring by concentrating on not just subject knowledge, but also on vital exam skills, efficient time management, and comprehensive academic development.

Starting GCSE preparation early is recommended, but our program is tailored to suit different schedules. Early enrollment allows more opportunity to foster effective study habits and strengthen confidence.

Yes, coaching is a valuable approach offering structured support, tailored guidance, and personalized attention. Our program is designed to identify and address your child’s specific learning needs, giving them confidence and essential skills beyond exam success.

Performance Learning stands out with a 10-year history of consistently boosting exam performance, ensuring academic excellence. Our approach isn’t about subject-specific tutoring; it’s about instructing your child in the art of learning, offering skills beneficial for their entire educational journey.

Absolutely, our coaching sessions are solely online, granting your child the flexibility to access their lessons at any place and time, presenting unmatched flexibility and a learning setting that is optimal for them.

Your child will be personally coached by Tej, the creator of Performance Learning, with a demonstrated expertise to connect with and discern each student’s needs. Tej has effectively coached students for 8 years, transforming GCSE results.

Our program stands out for its cost-effectiveness and its ability to deliver more substantial results compared to standard tutoring methods.

Just hit the “Start improving my child’s grades” button right here, and set the wheels in motion. We’ll handle the rest, providing guidance through every subsequent step to ensure a customized and hassle-free journey towards your child’s academic triumph.