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The world of revision and tuition can be overwhelming. Many learning and tuition centres across the UK offer a generic, one-size-fits-all approach to learning.

At Performance Learning, we believe in personalised, sustainable, and effective ways to help your child reach their full potential.

We don’t just focus on the subject material. We equip your child with the tools, skills, resources, and coping mechanisms to tackle even the most challenging lessons, homework, or exams.

Highly regarded by some of the UK’s top schools such as Eton College, St Edwards Oxford, Strathallan, Sunningdale (to name a few). We teach your child how to learn, not just what to learn, giving them the skills to succeed beyond the classroom – based on over ten years of research, development and deployment.

Our founder, Tej Samani, has perfected our coaching program over the past decade, delivered it to 250,000 students, trained 6,345 teachers, and deployed it across 105 schools (and growing).

You can hear from Tej here in this 36-min free online tuition session:

performancelearningcoaching introduction

Designed to help your child drastically improve their functional skills performance and predicated grades while building their resilience and strengthening their overall well-being, whether they need:

Our tutoring approach complements subject-specific teaching by focusing on how to learn rather than just what to learn with effective learning strategies. We work with pupils of all ages, from primary right through to secondary school, Sixth Form and College, to help them achieve their full potential.

Our tutors provide personalised support no matter where your child is on their learning journey. And since we understand every learner is unique, we work closely with them to develop a tailored approach to teaching that not only establishes but considers their individual strengths and challenges.

Dedicated to helping pupils succeed in all areas of their academic careers. Work with us to embed the essential learning skills your child needs to become a confident and independent learner, equipped to take on anything school has in store for them.

PL talks to Luke, a student at Greenwood Academy

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Lifelong learning skills they can take into higher education and beyond

Coping mechanisms to deal with heightened exam stress

New sense of confidence in their abilities, skills and knowledge

Seminars Overview

Seminars designed to give your child the skills they need to compete and win. Coupled with the training to help you as parents help them reach their potential.

The link between behaviour & grades

How behaviour impacts grades and how you can help your child manage them

Learn more

Building Learning Foundations

How to embed the skills your child needs to do more work in less time

Learn more

Positive Mindset Shifts Impact

How a mindset shift can transformational impact on your child’s success

Learn more

The Road To Tough Resilience

How becoming more resilient can keep your child cool in high-pressure situations

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Playing To Win In Exams No Matter What

How you can help your child win and boost their performance no matter what

Learn more

Irresistible Test & Exam Grades

How you can help your child achieve the best possible grades no matter their skills

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Performance Leaning puts your child’s well-being and academic excellence at the very core of our approach.


Over a decade ago, we built an AI-driven online assessment and learning platform to not only monitor a child’s progress but elevate their performance in the classroom, exam hall and beyond.

Used by thousands of children at primary schools, secondary schools and independent schools worldwide.

We place every student, their well-being and their academic excellence at the core of our approach.

Designed to boost exam results and test scores, we focus on improving skills, self-perception and resilience before core subject material.

Parenting Support & Child Tuition

With private tutoring and coaching sessions aimed at both parents and learners delivered from the comfort of your own home or our coaching centres, you and your child will make progress in tandem to help you get the most out of our coaching.

11+ Eleven Plus / Common Entrance

Sats Revision Support

GCSE Exams Revision Coaching

AS And A-level Tutoring

International Baccalaureate Tuition

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