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Seminars 5: The Best Results Possible


How To Help Your Child Win And Boost Their Performance No Matter The Subject

  1. How To Revise And Retain Everything They Need
  2. How To Set Academic And Personal Goals And Outcomes
  3. Taking Back Control Of Their Thoughts And Feelings
  4. Reducing Overwhelm Through Time Management

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Dedicated to shifting their mindset, this course is designed to give your child the skills they need to succeed at school no matter what subject needs improving.

Set across three full days for you and your child over a 3-month period, The Playing to Win programme is geared towards specific subjects that need improving, whether it is Science, English, Maths or languages, the skills taught are applicable.

Aimed at both parents and students, our parent’s session gives an overview of what your child will be taught, enabling you to provide additional at-home support, while our student coaching is designed to embed the skills and understanding on a one-to-one basis.

You will learn how to clearly establish your child’s strengths and weaknesses in each subject module they are studying to effectively plan their next course of action and consequently increase their chance of success through a more structured and targeted approach to learning.

You will learn how to help your child organise information most efficiently and how their brain is designed to best take it all in. This will allow your child to retain and recall information more easily in school and for exams, making it less frustrating and stressful for them.

You will learn how to help your child group information in a way that makes retention faster, easier and much more likely. This skill is one that your child will be able to use across all subjects and is, therefore, an invaluable study and revision technique.

You Will Learn How Emotions Can Affect Your Child’s Performance And Shift Their Ways Of Thinking And Thus Their Approach To Learning. You Will Understand What Can Trigger These Shifts And How To Help Your Child Healthily Self-reflect And Bring Them Up To Their Optimum State Of Learning.

You will learn how to help your child recognise when and how their emotions can affect their learning in positive or negative ways on a daily basis and how to help them influence and control their performance through validating and motivating exercises.

You will learn how to help your child plan ahead and become more resilient by becoming aware of how to effectively set goals that motivate and inspire them. This will help them both in the short-term, during school and exams, and in the long-term when they are applying for jobs and university places.

You will learn about the correlation and contributing factors between sleep and your child’s performance and well-being, and how you can use this to ensure your child is getting the optimum conditions to fulfil their potential, right at home. Through the Performance Learning morning and evening sleep routines, you will become aware of positive changes in your child’s mood and attitude towards learning.

You will be able to recognise that heavier-text and language-dominant exams require more work from the right part of your child’s brain, as opposed to the left which deals with linear and analytical types of thinking and how to engage with this. Through Performance Learning’s process which tells you how to break down complex longer pieces of text into bite-size, easier to understand steps your child will learn how to answer heavy-text questions without getting overwhelmed.

You will learn how to help your child adopt a consistent, effective and efficient weekly planner which will allow them to become more disciplined in their time management and studying routines. Through the thorough and self-reflective Performance Learning weekly breakdown planner you will eliminate the risk of your child feeling out of control which is often the root cause of pressure, stress and anxiety.

You will learn about the Performance Learning Power Quadrant as an effective means to structure your child’s time and priorities and how it can be used as an invaluable tool for self-reflection and tracking progress. The Power Quadrant will be specific to the needs of your child and will ensure that they are spending their time outside of school in the best way.

7 x Learner & Parent Coaching Calls

You will receive three calls with an experienced Performance Learning coach; thefrom calls will be tailored to your child’s specific needs and how to implement the skills you will learn during the seminars at home.

Your child will receive four calls from the PL coach so that they can help with anything they may be struggling with and to ensure that progress is being made regularly.

Follow Up Support Emails

Following your seminars, you will receive direct access to a Performance Learning coach via email to provide personalised support and coaching on implementing the skills you have learned while allowing you to ask questions and report progress.

Parent Coaching

In this full-day seminar, we take you through the following:

The psychology of how children approach their learning

Some of the obstacles they face, such as becoming overwhelmed and overloaded with work, as well as stress and strain and how to prevent this healthily.

What really enables a child to do well in a subject, and how can we utilise this information and implement techniques to get the best out of your child?

The morning will be dedicated to the psychology of how students learn so that you will be taught many topics centred around:

  • The two driving forces which act as the filter a student will use to determine their engagement level with a subject
  • The Performance Learning ‘cycle of doom’, which describes the emotional trap students can fall into with subjects they do not enjoy, which can hinder progress, and how to break that pattern
  • The ‘intellect and emotion ratio’ looking at how you can help your child develop a healthy intellectual capability and emotional balance towards their school life
  • We will look at the ‘tipping point’ which unveils the scales of success and failure, what can trigger more failure than success and how to prevent this
  • Lastly, ‘the eight perception levels’ shaping a child’s outlook towards learning and, therefore, their performance and how they can use this to their advantage.

In the afternoon, we will unpack the core Performance Learning skills.

Enabling you to sit with your child and equip them with tools and techniques required to boost grades, enhance their attitudes and behaviours towards learning and begin to create a child-centric, as opposed to a content-driven, approach to education.

In this second full-day seminar, we take you through a range of topics around helping you build resilience into your child:

To take control of their thoughts and feelings

How sleep is pivotal to well-being and academic success, and how emotions can affect rational thought

How to set ambitious goals together

How to deal with stressful periods.

At the end of the session, you will possess the tools to better understand your child’s emotions towards, and in response to, their academic life.

The session will include:

  • Planning a future which looks at a reflection on your child’s emotional perceptions, reactions and identity towards specific subjects
  • What makes your child feel positive and negative towards school – then create a written action plan through an engaging and self-reflective process which will enable you to help them take further control of how they feel about their teachers and subjects
  • We will also look at the importance of sleep by analysing the impact it has on your child’s health, well-being and success in school and how to get the best possible results within these areas through tried and tested sleep exercises and personalised sleep routines
  • Lastly, you will also learn how to help your child deal with high-pressure situations that can cause them stress and strain to their advantage in a healthy way through effective planning and goal setting.

In this third seminar, we take you through various topics centred specifically around how, with your help, you can turn your child’s attitudes towards learning into the greatest asset they possess during their academic journey.

Reducing overwhelm through time management and scheduling framework

How to enhance their ability to recall subjects

How to set academic and personal goals and outcomes

The seminar will include:

  • How to help your child recognise that different parts of their brain are used for different subjects and how to engage with this to their advantage
  • How to help prevent your child from getting overwhelmed by heavy-text-based questions by teaching them how to break these down successfully
  • How to help your child adopt an efficient weekly planner which will allow them to become more disciplined with their time management to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety
  • How to help your child structure their priorities in a way that is specific to their needs to allow for a more personalised approach to learning

Child Coaching

In this full-day seminar, our learning coaches will take your child through:

The psychology of how they approach their learning to get them to reflect on where their positive or negative feelings towards learning stem from

The obstacles they face; getting overwhelmed and overloaded with work, as well as stress and strain and how they can healthily prevent this.

What it takes for them to do well in a subject and how we can utilise this in their school routine with the cooperation of their teachers and support team within their school.

Similar to the parent’s training, this session is also dedicated to the psychology of how your child learns and all the topics that centre around this to help them understand themselves better.

– The cycle of doom

– The eight perception levels

– The emotional ratio

– The intellect ratio

– The tipping points

– The driving forces

The afternoon is then, in the same way, dedicated to the core Performance Learning skills. We take every learner through the programme, unpacking and making relevant every skill and how to use them to boost grades, and do more work in less time!

In this full-day seminar, we take your child through a range of topics which centre around helping them build resilience within themselves;

Taking back control of their thoughts and feelings

Becoming aware of how sleep is pivotal to their well-being and academic success

How emotions can affect their rational thought

How they can effectively set goals with your help

Dealing with periods of high stress

Similar to the parent’s training, this session also covers:

  • Emotional perceptions and reactions
  • Dealing with high-pressure situations
  • Creating a written action plan to take control of their feelings
  • The importance of sleep on well-being and success

In this final seminar, we take your child through a range of topics which help them become more aware of their greatest assets, themselves.

How to reduce the chance of becoming overwhelmed

How to schedule their time better

How to revise and retain everything they need

How to answer all types of questions

How to break down heavier texts facts and dates

A framework for setting academic and personal outcomes

Similar to the parent’s training, this session also covers:

  • Understanding how the brain works for different subjects
  • Planning their week with our weekly time planner
  • How to tackle heavy-text-based subjects
  • Structuring priorities specific to their needs
  • Preventing overwhelm by breaking down questions

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Performance Leaning puts your child’s well-being and academic excellence at the very core of our approach.

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