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Revision Courses & Coaching Seminars

A Pathway to Emotional & Academic Success

Supporting your child’s academic skills & well-being, Performance Learning allows you to identify and support the specific needs of your child, from their worries about learning to their anxiety triggers. At the same time, placing them on a pathway to emotional and academic success.
Over the last ten years, Performance Learning has developed an assessment, learning and coaching program designed to safeguard learner well-being and boost classroom performances – going beyond revision courses; we focus on:

Boosting School Results And Performances

Developing Your Child’s Resilience And Wellbeing

Saving Money On Tutoring & Target Resources

Embedding Lifelong Revision and Learning Skills 


We’ve helped thousands of learners transform their test results in this way through our coaching programs and learning technology. Why not discover some of our tailored courses and revision seminars below?

The link between behaviour & grades

How behaviour impacts grades and how you can help your child manage them

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Building Learning Foundations

How to embed the skills your child needs to do more work in less time

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Positive Mindset Shifts Impact

How a mindset shift can transformational impact on your child’s success

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The Road To Tough Resilience

How becoming more resilient can keep your child cool in high-pressure situations

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Playing To Win In Exams No Matter What

How you can help your child win and boost their performance no matter what

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Irresistible Test & Exam Grades

How you can help your child achieve the best possible grades no matter their skills

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Looking for GCSE or A-Level Revision?

Searching for ‘maths GCSE revision’, ‘English A-Level tuition’, or ‘science homework help’? At Performance Learning, we diverge from the typical subject-specific revision approach.

Our coaching is subject agnostic, emphasising life-long learning skills that empower your child to excel in any subject, be it SATs, GCSE, A-Level, or even university levels. This not only fosters independence but could save you hundreds in subject-specific tutoring costs.

Why not try our free 30-minute training to discover the Performance Learning difference yourself?

Performance Leaning puts your child’s well-being and academic excellence at the very core of our approach.